How to Optimize Your WordPress Site

As we know that, WordPress is currently the rapidly growing Content Management System or CMS software. Earlier it was used for easy blogging but over time, its developers expanded its functionality and feature to allow the creation of more complicated websites and emerged as a content management system rather than simply a blogging tool. WordPress is taken as an easy tool for CMS. It also has no of plugin to allow its expansion of functionality.


  1. Theme Quality.

WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes for the start-up business firms. However, be careful in selecting the theme. Always prefer a theme that may be modified easily and suitably.

  1. Hosting of Website.

Another important factor for the start-up business is about web hosting. Just look after carefully for managed WordPress hosting services that will assist you for running up your web for all time.  In addition, they should provide regular changes and backups. Read More……

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Tips to Make Your Site Trustworthy

In general life, trust is the most important factor to make one self ranked higher than others. So is the case with the Google algorithm for ranking the website higher with better and unique content. Google doesn’t show webs with low standards on the top list of search engine.

Therefore it’s quite necessary that you ensure that your website serve the unique and trustworthy services to shoot your website in the top list.

Steps to be followed –

Choose a trustworthy Domain Name

Choosing a brand new domain will ensure success of your business but it is difficult one to do so. Always try to choose those domains which are old ones as they are less spammy.  Avoid the use of hyphen in the domain name, get domain with at least 2 years to show Google that your domain is always refreshed. Don’t use exotic top level domain name for example if you are in India use . Read More…..

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Google Has Launched Accelerated Mobile Pages

The AMP project is an open source initiative which have target to enhance the working performance of the mobile web. Google has said that a page which are created with AMP HTML can load anywhere from 15 to 85% faster than the non-AMP version of that page.


This update is much beneficial for the user point of view because of Accelerated Mobile Page is for enhancing the page load of any website more than 15 to 85% of another website. AMP is also beneficial for publishes because this update is helpful for boost in search ranking. AMP update is mainly for speed and mobile friendliness. Read More….